Monday, May 21, 2018

Another Day, Another School Shooting

Keep your thoughts and prayers; they are worthless.
Continue to accept money from the NRA.
Continue to blame gun violence on something other than guns.
Continue to believe nations with strict gun laws and low shooting deaths are misguided.

Continue to believe the president of this nation is interested in anything other than
  1. money
  2. the Nobel Peace Prize
  3. money
  4. pussy
  5. money
  6. power
  7. money
  8. permanent presidency
  9. money.
China bought themselves an American president by buying into a real estate scheme in Indonesia.

Follow the money.

More kids have died in school mass shootings this year than Americans who have died in Afghanistan. 

Follow the money.

Megan Markle got it right. She married up....and out. Out of the country and into a family where her presence can make a huge difference. Here 11 year old Meghan Markle on Nickelodeon's Nick News in 1993 flexing her social justice wings for that is probably NOT the first time:

More's the pity, though, because this woman should've been headed into US politics. Women like this are rare, even more so when they're an erudite and articulate pre-teen. Britain and the Commonwealth will benefit from her drive and determination. 

If the Parkland kids got other kids to register to vote, and if the Santa Fe kids can like arms with Parkland who have linked arms with Columbine, who have linked arms with Sandy Hook kids now almost grown up, then we can begin to think about hope.

The midterms are coming. If these kids motivate themselves and the rest of the 18-20 year olds, they will be a formidable force. 

I'm rooting for the kids. They have to be smarter and more savvy than the rest of us. Maybe they will be the ones to lead us outta this morass. 

The Wifely Person's Tip o'the Week
If a guy constantly jokes about wanting to be president-for-life,
he's not joking.

Monday, May 14, 2018

When Nothing Makes Sense

The greatest kindness my mother-in-law ever performed was not to die on Mother's Day.  MIL was a deeply unhappy person who worked hard to make everyone around her as miserable as she was....yet she was a beloved and adored high school teacher, something none of us ever understood. On Mother's Day 1984, we told her I was expecting #2. I think Ziggy's decision to tell her was a last ditch effort to get her to wake up. All things considered, we figured she would be as thrilled about #2 as she was when we told her about #1....which was to ask us if we were crazy. This news might just get her riled up enough to wake up. She didn't. For the record, when the senior son was  born, she couldn't keep her hands off him and he has wonderful, albeit faint, memories of her. 

FIL and MIL at the wedding
She died the next day, Monday, and because MIL was not the world's biggest fan of Jews or Jewish tradition, we never did much to mark her yahrzeit, other than to mention it to each other and speak only kind words about her. Since Ziggy had the poor form to leave me with his father, those remembrances disappeared completely because FIL refused to acknowledge she ever existed. 

This year, however, I decided I needed to mark that day as a yahrzeit. I don't know if it's because I'm older than she was when she died, or it's the grandmother thing, or because I don't want her to be forgotten because she was, after all, Ziggy's mother. I think I'm the last one who remembers her, and I do not want her to be forgotten. So last night, as Mother's Day drew to a close, I lit a yahrzeit candle for her, and this morning, I said kaddish for her...I think for the first time. It breaks my heart because I have to work hard to remember good things about her. I should not have to do that. 

There are things in this world that are just broken. She was one of them. I wish it had been different. 

Wishing to make things different is kinda pointless. Which brings me to the new embassy in West Jerusalem. This is broken.

While the Palestinians are carrying on about the embassy being in Jerusalem, I find it amazing no one talks about the fact it's in West Jerusalem which, in the event of dividing the city, will be the Jewish half, and not in East Jerusalem which the Palestinians want for their capital. A small but niggling detail no one seems to remember to mention. Not that I think Jerusalem will ever be divided again, but at least edit your rhetoric. 

Moving the embassy is just broken. No one doubts Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. The Knesset is there, the seat of government is there. It's been the capital of Israel for several thousand years. Not even dividing it changed that. Moving the American embassy to Jerusalem does not magically confer some sort of status of the city. It doesn't need it. 

Moving the embassy sliced open the heart of Israel and laid it on a table to the target of potshots from the rest of the world. The haters see it as some kind of appropriation. The  religious fanatics see it as some kind of fantasy fulfillment. The rest of the world sees it as the complete abandonment of any hope for a two-state solution. Did anyone think there wasn't going to be riots?

The opening ceremonies were bizarre to say the least. The American pastor who gave the prayer at the opening of the embassy itself is a vicious and true anti-semite. Pastor Jeffress hates Jews and Muslims with equal vigor. And Catholics. And Mormons. Apparently he's the only one with a line to G-d and he thinks the rest of us are headed straight for hell. And this is is guy they sent to do the opening prayer.

Do we look that stupid?

Meanwhile, Michele I-never-met-a-sausage-I-couldn't-swallow-whole Bachmann, took it upon herself to apologize to the Jews:
Bachmann apologized ... Sunday at a joint Jewish-Christian Bible study at the Knesset, held in honor of Jerusalem Day. She asked for “repentance from the Jewish people for the horrible and arrogant way Christians — myself included — treated and regarded the Jewish people.”
“I ask for forgiveness from the Jewish people for what it is that we have done,” said Bachmann. “I apologize profoundly and ask forgiveness from the Almighty God that these statements brought pain.”    
                                       From the JTA -May 14, 2018
If you think for one New York nanosecond she's actually changed her mind about Jews, Israel, and the second coming, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I'd love to sell you. 

Still,  in the greater scheme of things, the embassy is minor, nothing more than a catalyst to reignite the violence in Gaza. What is not minor is the loss of life at the Gaza fence. There is something so fundamentally wrong with what's happening that that if one is not completely disgusted by the actions of both sides, one should probably crawl back into the hole from which one emerged. 

What is happening in Gaza is not a surprise; it was inevitable. The current Israeli government has done everything possible to foment this revolution and they have succeeded beyond their wildest expectations. Watching Heckle and Jeckle shred the last vestiges of world cooperation makes one think this is a well-thought-out plan. Between the tweets and the speeches, one can only conclude these are the ravings of two unstable human beings. Dumping the Iran deal, suddenly slow-dancing with Kim Jung Un, offering to help China recover jobs just as China is investing in a chain of Feckless Leader's hotels in in Indonesia...


I do not believe this is all coincidental. Too many moving pieces are aligning themselves. No, I'm not playing Cassandra here and I'm not predicting war. I just think some people are gonna walk away a whole lot richer than they are now....and in the end, the ones who will pay the lion's share of the bill will be the Palestinians. They are unwitting accomplices in this grand machination. They are playing right into the hands of the total self-immolation. They blow up their own gas and power lines. They blow up their own roads and water treatment plants. They misdirect humanitarian aid away from their own people. Who are they hurting? Israel? The US? No. They are orchestrating their own destruction.

if we are in a new period of globalization, there will be winners and losers. Yeah, the middle class in the US will ultimately lose, but we're too big to manipulate the same way a ragtag group of self-anointed refugees can be manipulated. 

They have become their own worst enemy.

The Wifely Person's Tip o'the Week

Like I said at the top, there are some things that are just broken. 
That doesn't mean we are absolved from trying to fix them.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Judenrein America

This past weekend, a potential candidate was removed from the California GOP convention. The guy had been running with about 39% of the vote in assorted polls, but the GOP officials removed him, they said, because Patrick Little had never been a member of the party, and because his platform was unacceptable. 

All things considered, that had to be some platform if the GOP found it unacceptable. 

It was pretty simple, pretty basic in a racist, bigoted sorta way. His platform is a Judenrein America. 

Now there's a word you don't hear every day. It means cleansed of Jews and Jewish presence. You read that right. His platform is based on a Jew-free America. 

Go google him. Go read the platform. It's out there. It's real. And while support for his positions is actually marginal, there is support for his thinking. More than you might realize.

On the other side of the country, there's another race that baffles me. Don Blankenship is running for the GOP Senate nomination in West Virginia. This is a guy who, as CEO of Massey, a mining company, was known to be abusive to his corporate headquarters employees, and ultimately went to jail for creating unsafe conditions in his mines...which included an explosion in one on April 5th, 2010:
In March 2013, at a plea hearing in a federal court, Blankenship was directly implicated in conspiring to skirt safety regulations. A former Massey Energy official accused Blankenship of conspiring and plotting to hide safety violations from federal safety inspectors. The implication was that Blankenship would order his officials to warn mine operators when the federal inspectors were coming for "surprise" visits, and to quickly cover up any safety violations.                                                          Wikipedia: Don Blankenship
Feckless Leader is tweeting furiously to rally the masses against Blankenship which, if that works as well as it did in supporting Roy Moore in Alabama, insures Blankenship's place on the ticket.

But here's the part I don't get: why would the people of West Virginia, the heart and soul of mining country, vote for a guy who committed the worst possible crime in that state, resulting in the murder of 38 miners? Why would they vote against their own self-interest and send a guy to the senate who just doesn't give a flying fuck about them?

But this blog episode isn't about either race; it's really about the condition of this nation that makes those races possible. And supportable. 

May 6, 2018. Bruce Omori , EPA
Judenrein America isn't news. It's been around a long time. Like blood libels. Like the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. It exists and most of American ignores it. Still, it simmers under the surface like the lava flow of Kilauea. Eventually a fissure occurs and something truly terrifying pops molten lava or Patrick Little. Both are toxic...and tourists still flock to gawk at both. I don't think this kind of thinking was so blatant 2 years ago, and while it's disgusting and disturbing, maybe it's not such a bad thing that we are reminded this stuff exists in the real world. Maybe we were getting a little too complacent?

Whatever the reality in your world is, the reality in the bigger American world is that antisemitism, bigotry, and racism have not gone away. Despite the election of President Obama, we are not living in post-racial America. And we are not living in Jew-okay America either. And for the most part, CEO's don't give a damn about their workers, the environment, or research. They are in it for the money, the power, and the prestige. 

And on a slight side-bar: was anyone upset when Feckless referred to the DoJ as my Department of Justice?  When he called Fox and Friends last Thursday, he said:
“I’ve taken this position that I will not be involved with the justice department...I’m very disappointed in my justice department. I may change my mind at some point because what’s going on is a disgrace; it’s an absolute disgrace.”
Since when is it his justice department? I just about jumped outta my skin when I heard that. It struck me as an exceptionally dangerous insight into Feckless Leader's thinking. Talk about dog whistles! 

If we continue to ignore the warning signs emitted by the White House, we are in real and serious danger. Here are but four traditional warning signs that appear when a government its moving toward authoritarianism:

  1. Systematic efforts to intimidate the media
  2. Politicizing the civil service, military, National Guard, or the domestic security agencies
  3. Stacking the Supreme Court
  4. Fear-mongering/demonizing the opposition
The real revolution is yet to come....but is is coming and it's not gonna be pretty.

The Wifely Person's Tip o'the Week
If you live in ISD 197, go vote YES on the school referendum.
The NO mailer you got was produced and sent illegally, inaccurate, 
and a passel of misinformation. 
Protect our kids; upgrade our schools. The changes are long overdue. 

Monday, April 30, 2018

Kim Jong-un: What to do? What to do?

Let's play pretend for a moment.

Let's pretend you're Kim Jong-un. You've been pissing on the world by setting off nuclear tests under Mount Mantap for a while. The last test, though, was more powerful than the others...and the mountain collapsed on itself. Now, there's a small amount of radiation leaking from the rubble. China is jumping up and down, The American Carrot is jumping up and down. 

What to do? What to do?

It doesn't take a PhD in geology to know that if you keep blowing up stuff under something else, eventually the something else part will collapse. And that collapse is not exactly tidy. 

Kim Jong-un may be crazy, but he's may not be stupid, either. He knows what's at stake. And he knows that if he wants to keep his job, he needs to make some fundamental changes so he can continue being Fearless Leader. But right now, he's got to deal with seismic shifts in his teutonic plates. 

Mount Mantap is not the first mountain North Korea's nuclear tests have disturbed. Last October, the North Korean's "Sacred Mountain of the Revolution," Mount Paektu, is only 60 miles from the September 3rd detonations. Paetku is a volcano that also happens to sit on the North Korean-Chinese border. Minor details, I suppose. But if you're Lil' Kim, you might have some concerns about your relationship with China, your trading partner and close ally. You might find yourself in the hot seat for breaking parts of the planet that are near China. And you might find yourself between two broken mountains both of which are seismic rumblers. 

Know what happens when you got a couple o'rumblers out there?

So going back to our game, let's pretend back in October of '17, your scientists (and you do believe your scientists, unlike the American Carrot) tell you how the repeated detonations at Punggye-ri nuclear test at Mount Mantap are causing new and unusual seismic activity, at least 4 earthquakes, and activity is being felt as far away as Russia:
Shortly afterward, Chinese authorities closed part of the tourist park on their side of the border because of rock slides. Chinese authorities would not say definitively whether the nuclear test was to blame, but seismologists think it is likely. The explosion registered as a 6.3 magnitude earthquake and was blamed for water bottles rolling off tables and furniture toppling in China, and apartment buildings rattling all the way to the Russian port city of Vladivostok. 
 Barbara Demick for the Los Angeles TIMES - Oct. 7, 2017     
And now, Russia is eyeing you as a possible target because you're damaging their stuff, too.  And if China and Russia join forces, well, kiss your dictatorship goodbye. But you want to be a grown up and show them all how your leadership is important and global, but you need someone to take on who will allow you to act like a leader.

What to do? What to do?

You take on an easy target: The American Carrot. He's so egocentric he can't tell when he's being played and that makes him the perfect patsy. You tell the Carrot you'll meet with him, you'll give up your nuclear testing program, and in return all you want is to have American military leave the Korean peninsula, and to promise they will never-ever attack North Korea. You know the Carrot will hail himself hero, he will blow his own whatever, and never notice that Mt. Mantap is not completely collapsed, and is still a viable research site that no one ever has to know exists. 

But that's not your biggest aim. The end game, a reunification of Korea, would give you more power and more prestige. Play their game until the last minute, then strike....and take over South Korea when they least expect it. 

This is not a sudden gesture of peace and friendship; this is an end-game. Kim Jong-un is jockeying for position. He's expecting to be top man in Korea, and he's expecting to be protected from a US attack. 

Folks, this is not exactly hard to figure out. Of course, we haven't see Putin's marching orders on this. Frankly I don't trust any of them.

All of this from a collapsing mountain. 


Feckless thinks he's gonna get a Nobel Peace Prize for this.  Good luck with that.

The Wifely Person's Tip o'the Week
It may say May on the calendar,
but do not rush to put out our plants.         

READER BONUS: Reader Laurie Hayes sent me this from the UNZ REVIEW; it's an interesting perspective and worth a read:

Monday, April 23, 2018

Natalie, Netanyahu, and Narishkeit.

There's nothing like locking the door and heading to the airport the day after 19.5" of snow....then coming home to 60°F weather. Even Mount St. Snirty has significantly diminished in size and scope. In a nutshell, it was a great holiday away from here. The beach was lovely, the Getty was a charming experience, and the L.A. Philharmonic a total wall of sound. I highly recommend it!

But that was then, this is now, and I'm still trying to figure out where I want this blog-thing to go next. 

Despite that, I am compelled to write about something I rarely write about: Israel.

The Western Wall - October 2017
This past week, the State of Israel celebrated its 70th birthday. I have never lived in a world without Israel. I believe with my complete heart and soul that Jews have the same right to live in their own country as the French, the British, and yes, the Indigenous Peoples of North America. I will not go into the history of the land itself, but let's just say the Jews built the temple in Jerusalem, the Mosque of Omar sits atop Temple Mount where both the First and Second Temples stood, and we have been a continuous presence in that city and on that land, despite exiles, persecution, and derision for more than 3000 historically verifiable years. That counts for a lot. 


I am neither fan nor supporter of Netanyahu and his current government. In fact, I believe the PM is an existential danger to the State of Israel. He should be charged with bribery, fraud, and breach of trust. His only loyalty is to himself and his re-election. He has  ignored the most basic tenet in Judaism: you were once strangers in the land of Egypt. He has wantonly sliced the fabric that binds Diaspora Jews to Israel by allowing the ultra-Orthodox to run the government. His policies on land annexation, Palestinian rights, and migrants are unacceptable to anyone with a moral compass and a sense of ethics. 

If invited to share a dais with him, I would most unceremoniously decline. 

Which is exactly what Natalie Portman did in declining to accept The Genesis Prize

The crackpots calling her traitor and other assorted foul things would call her EXACTLY the same thing if she sat on a dais with Feckless Leader. 

There is no difference.

In Israel, a friend's daughter has chosen to leave Israel behind because she can no longer support the direction in which the state is moving. Another friend's daughter, American by birth and Israeli by choice, author Jessica Fishman, has remained in Israel to fight the fight, but I cannot see her sitting on a dais with Netanyahu either. Recently, she wrote on her Facebook page:

April 11 at 9:30pm
With today being the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day, I want to remind everybody why we say never forget. We are reminding the rest of the world that they cannot forget the Holocaust. We are reminding the world so that it will never happen again to anyone, no matter creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or any other difference. This is more important now than ever. With the current nationalist undertones, with the world turning a blind eye to the massacres in Syria, with the famine in Yemen, with Israel sending away asylum seekers, with black people being systematically targeted in the American justice system, and so much more, it is more important than ever to remind the world. And now to turn this political, to those of you, especially to the Jewish people who voted for Trump, a race baiter, you have forgotten.
Natalie Portman is an Israeli citizen, no qualifications, no hesitations. As an Israeli, she gets to have an opinion. Not supporting Netanyahu is not the same as supporting anti-Israeli movements.

Ms Portman responded to accusations she had gone over to the dark side of BDS:
Let me speak for myself. I chose not to attend because I did not want to appear as endorsing Benjamin Netanyahu, who was to be giving a speech at the ceremony. Like many Israelis and Jews around the world, I can be critical of the leadership in Israel without wanting to boycott the entire nation.  I treasure my Israeli friends and family, Israeli food, books, art, cinema, and dance....Do not take any words that do not come directly from me as my own.
How is that different from a variety of people declining an invitation to visit the White House while Feckless squats in the Oval Office? 

It is not.

Back in the 60s, there was a popular bumper sticker that read:

Those of us who chose to oppose the Vietnam War were spit on, ridiculed, and told to leave. We, in turn, believed we were patriots, doing what needed to be done for the good and welfare of America. Were we disloyal? No. We were standing up against a war we thought was immoral and unjustifiable. And we ultimately stopped the war.

How is that different from what Natalie Portman is doing? 

It is not.

Labels implying she is anything else beside an outspoken (aka normal) Israeli, are garbage. I may not agree with how she's doing it, but hey! she has the right...nay, the obligation to stand up against a government with which she disagrees. 

I do it every week. Does that make me disloyal? Hardly.

There is plenty to disagree with over at the Knesset. Condemning her for that is pure narishkeit...nonsense. Why shouldn't she exercise the same right?

The Wifely Person's tip o'the Week
Israel is the only functional democracy in the Middle East.
Just as we are fighting to preserve ours, they get to fight to preserve theirs. 
Support dissenters; they form the bridge of compromise.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Live from La La Land

This was my view on Saturday afternoon. My blueberry bush is somewhere under that mound of ugh.

Beginning Friday night and continuing well into Sunday, we had over a foot of snow. Even by Minnesota standards, that was a ridiculous amount, given it's the middle of April and all. 

I've had about all I'm gonna take of this faux April stuff, so I got me on a jet plane and flew over some mountains...

just so I can ride around southern California....

in a 1988 cherry red, classic BMW 325is. That is one sweet little piece of glamour, complete with sheepskin seats. I feel like a movie star.

Here's the straight skinny: I need a break. I sound shrill even to me. I don't want to talk about Michael Cohen, his clients, or his ethics. I don't want to talk about Feckless Leader or the attempt to reverse the 2020 emissions standard. I don't want to waste any more energy giving those boggarts what they want: our anger and our fears on which to feast. Nope.

We may be at the beginning of the end of this presidency for profit. I am guardedly optimistic. That, however, won't solve the problem. Much of what has been undone must be re-done, and hopefully, done better. That process should begin with the 2018 midterms. BEGIN people; this is going to be a long, painful process.

During the 2 hour lay-over in Salt Lake City, I chatted with a young woman, a high school English teacher, on her way back to New Jersey. I asked her, "Does the current government represent you?" She thought about it for a moment, but when she answered, the answer was a soft, but definitive, "No." 

In the end, that's the only question that counts, y'know.

I need to think about that, and a few other things she said, the most painful of which was, "Sometimes I'm embarrassed to tell people I am a teacher." She explained what she meant, and let me reassure you, it was not a flip statement. In a way, that is the crux of the current American Tragedy. 

If we can't respect the people who teach our kids, how can we respect anyone else?

But for this moment, I'm going to focus my attention on visiting one of the original gang-of-six, going to meet more friends for lunch, going to the beach, going to the Getty, and going to hear Gustavo Dudamel conduct Beethoven's Ninth.

Chris Christodoulou, London
Nothin' wrong with that itinerary. How can anyone not want to watch Dudamel conduct?

The Wifely Person's Tip o'the Week
Talk amongst yourselves:
Does the current government represent you?
Feel free to share and/or respond in comments.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Losing Bonny

Y' know what a makkes is? My mother and grandmother used that word a lot. I don't know if I'm spelling the transliteration correctly or not, but makkes isn't a good thing. It's an affliction, a plague; something you can bring on by talking about it. Like the malach ha'mavet from last week. 

Aunty Bonny (z"l)
The malach ha'mavet paid us a visit this week, and took away my friend, my extra-mom, the kids' godmother, and all 'round force of nature, Aunty Bonny. She was a constant presence in our lives, even when there were disagreements, we could always find something to agree on. She was my ballast when I was tipping over. I talked to her more than most people realized, and we often commiserated about the harshness of real life and just getting on with it. We told each other things we didn't tell other people. And she knew about grommets. If you've ever had to make 24 little burlap vests for 24 OLIVER! orphans, you night know a little bit about grommets. Aunty Bonny was a major expert in grommets. She was a great cheerleader, truth-teller, and stiff-upper-lip Brit. Yeah, she was a Brit, born in Manchester, England, but you'd never know it unless you really knew her. Truth be told, she'd not been doing well of late, but when I called a couple of weeks ago to tell her all about Young Sir's bris and to assure her pictures were being readied for the mail, she sounded better than I had heard her in a while. Then lots of things happened... and she was gone. And like her family and so many of her friends, I am having a hard time grokking I won't hear her laugh any more. 

I don't want to write about Gaza or Syria. I really don't want to write about American politics or growing antisemitism in the British Labor Party. I don't want to write about what is wrong with the world right now because I'm already sad and I don't have anything add that's gonna make anyone feel any better.

So I am going to stop here. 

The Wifely Person's Tip o'the Week

[That is so Bonny.]