Monday, December 13, 2010


Spartacus in snow gear.
Any thoughts I had about writing on topics other than the immutable proximity of weather disappeared under more than 2 feet of snow. Yes, that was 2 feet in less than 24 hours. Let’s just say I did the deck …then called my landscaper guy and asked him to put me on his plow list. When he stopped laughing, he said, “Okay, Spartacus, you’re on the list.”

The Spartacus moniker is, of course, well earned. Every time I accomplish some task once the domain of my late husband, I assume the muscle arm pose and shout “I AM SPARTACUS!” Okay, it makes me feel better. Everyone else thinks it’s just 

Yes, that's the RX-7~Radish Rocket
But Spartacus had waded out onto the driveway with the best of intentions and realized that the snow was drifted over her knees and big, giant, snow blower or not, she was not going to make headway in that wind. Calling the plow guy was the right thing to do. 

Made the tactical error of telling junior son (who was out skiing through the unplowed streets of Minneapolis) and he promptly gave me an argument. “Why did'ja do that? You have a big snow blower. You coulda gotten through.” I thought he was serious. He claimed he was kidding. I was too frozen to tell.

I still had to blow out the walkway and shovel the steps, but I was much relieved not to be out there fighting that bitter wind, getting the snow blown back in my face, trying to break through the ridge at the end of the drive left by the street plow. 

Remains of the drive.
Sunday, I awoke to sunshine and blue skies. But one look out the window and I knew I was in trouble. The air was sparkling, never a good sign. When I took the dog out, I  realized it was worse that just trouble...the temperature was below zero and the wind chill was about -15F. Everything I’d done was undone and then some. Plus, the pile left in front of the driveway by the snow plow was higher than my waist. My very kind neighbor who had already broken through the plow row spotted the look of abject horror and ran to my mailbox to grab the Sunday papers. I think he thinks I'm just one of those frail widow-ladies. 

I guess I'm not barbecuing tonight.

I got the snow blower going and managed to redo the front walk. The deck, however, has drifted over and after fifteen minutes of shoveling I couldn’t feel my fingers. It will wait until tomorrow or the next day or the next time it’s above zero with wind chills above -15F.

But y'know, even looking out the dining room window makes me cold. Granted, some of the snow pile in front of the window was the result of snow-blowing and wind, but it really is depressing in its own stark magnificence.

Good thing the Winter Solstice, with its renewed promise of longer days, is just a week away.

Wifely Person Tip o'the Week
If the snow is above your waist, call the snow plow guy.

Wifely Person's Bonus Tip
Every day brings us one day closer to summer. 


  1. I love these vicariously through you and the snow!


  2. This proves our sanity and we're freezing.

    aunty G and Unke.

  3. Obviously the snow and cold have not frozen your wit !

  4. My measure of all things snowstorm is whether MSP airport closes and it did! It was even in the news here (not to mention the collapse of the Metrodum roof).

    Sending you warm thoughts, though I'm freezing my posterior off at 12C...