Monday, July 16, 2012

Great American Pastimes: Baseball and Politics no particular order

Justin Morneau at bat

Nothing beats an afternoon spent at a baseball game. It was hot, humid, and a terrible game, but there is something wonderful about sitting in a stands and watching a game in person. Seeing Mauer play first was a real treat. And just watching Justin Morneau swing is poetry in motion. As for the string of pitchers...I've seen better pitching at a t-ball game. The Twins flamed out in the first inning...which went on ad nauseum....and despite a couple of runs and a few truly excellent plays in the outfield, the game was a humiliating loss.  By the seventh inning it was too painful to watch, and I must admit, we left. I've never done that before, but truly, it was horrifying to watch Oakland hit homer after homer. Not even Joe Mauer  playing first could save this game. 'Nuff said.

And meanwhile, back at the ranch, equally horrifying are the new reports coming out of Washington these days. Between the demand for tax returns and Mitt Romney's insisting he can repeal Afford Health Care Act on his first day as president, I have come to the unfortunate conclusion that Mitt Romney is delusional and should be repealed himself. While I will agree that the DNC is blowing smoke about how involved Mr. Romney was with Bain Capital from 1999 until 2002, one cannot dismiss his refusal to open his tax records to the American public. 

Since the debate over taxes is so lethal at the moment, I cannot imagine why the GOP hasn't allowed fully disclosure of Mr. Romney's income and payment of taxes (if any) unless there is a reason to hide that information. The appearance of off-shore banking transactions and Swiss bank accounts certainly make for interesting speculation. If I were a Republican National Committee member, I would be insisting that the candidate clear this up immediately. If there is no financial hanky-panky going on, why all the secrecy? As far as I am concerned, this is right up there with birth certificates. 

And while we're talking about acts of high stupid, let's not forget to mention the Chinese Olympic uniforms. Hmmmm. Let's think this one out for a moment:
notice the white anklets
  • Top American designer with iconic American image gets job of designing uniforms.
  • Said American designer known for iconic American western wear produces a uniform that looks like something they wear at the Henley Regatta with a Sorbonne beret as a topper.
  • Said American designer knowing outsourcing is a huge iconic American issue, outsources the construction of said uniforms to China.
This brings stupid to a whole new level of American malfeasance. How can a company that runs ads extolling the whole rugged American image thing manage to screw up the Olympic uniforms. Not only are these uniforms ugly, the anklets on the woman athlete make her look like an elementary school kid. Haven't we had enough of pedophilia in sports these days? Oh, overall the uniforms are neat and tidy, but come on, Ralph; does this really give the world a hint, even a mere soupçon of Americana?

He might have gotten away with it....had it not been for the "Made in China" label. That sent the whole thing over the top. In an election year when everything is examined and re-examined; when jobs are disappearing faster than doughnuts at the precinct house, surely someone said, "Maybe we should make the uniforms in America?"

Whether they did or not is a moot point now. They were outsourced and this is the very reason we should be saying to guys like Romney and the President as well: "Put up or shut up. Make sure We, the People, have the choice to buy American."

Yes, I fully understand the importance of labor costs and manufacturing, but I also know that a wide swath of this American population blue collar workers who need manufacturing jobs, too. That our textile industry has almost completely disappeared is not a good thing, and like the auto industry, perhaps some attention should be paid to its restoration. Just look at what happened at Faribault Woolen  Mills. Founded in 1865, the mill closed its doors in 2009, but just as its equipment was about to be sold overseas, Chuck and Paul Mooty said, "We can fix this," and they did. There are other plants out there waiting to be rescued and revived. It can be done. 

Jobs don't trickle down from hedge fund managers making a zillion dollars and getting tax breaks. Jobs happen because guys like the Mooty brothers step up to the line and put their money where their mouths are. We, the People, just need to demand that this is a priority. 

Someone oughta explain that to the GOP.

The Wifely Person's Tip O'the Week
Going to a Twinkie game? Take the light rail if you can.
It's smart, easy, cheap....and fun.


  1. Your mention of baseball reminds me of the time Steve and I went to a Saints game in St. Paul. I think that was the last pro-game I attended. Good time with the best of friends!


  2. If Mitt Romney claims he can repeal Obama-care on his first day as President, then I say we impeach him before he is elected!

  3. What a great post. So kinda happy and sad to find you are widow.Like me. Everything you said is thought provoking. I only wish I could write like you.

  4. The story of Faribault Woolen Mill Co. is truly inspirational. More American manufacturers (and their "bottom line" conscience shareholders) could take a lesson from the Mooty Brothers. That'd be truly patriotic.