Monday, November 5, 2012

Erev Elections: Get Out There And Vote

Here’s the straight skinny:

There are two candidates:

One candidate believes in civic responsibility, civil discourse, and a government that fulfills its mission when it holds an umbrella over its citizenry when bad stuff falls from the sky. The same guy believes the planet is fragile and needs protection from human endeavor. The same guy who believes education and innovation go hand in hand. The same guy who believes a woman has the right to equal pay for equal work AND that women are smart enough to know how to manage their own bodies.

The other candidate thinks 47% of We, The People,  are freeloaders. The same guy who thinks civil rights aren’t for everyone. The same guy who wants to repeal legislation that protects in environment from overuse and abuse. The same who wants to turn health care over to competitive insurance companies. This is the same guy who thinks women should not be in control of their own bodily functions.

I don’t know about you…but I don’t think there’s much of a choice here.

·I believe I know what to do with my own body.

·I believe civil rights are for everyone regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or level of personal wealth.

·I believe the planet needs to be protected and given the opportunity to heal from the abuse we have heaped upon it.

·I believe if you want to live you, you need to be paying your fair share of taxes.

But whether you agree with me or not………….

it's your civic duty.

The Wifely Person's Tip o'the Week
If you don’t vote, you don’t get to complain for the next four years.


  1. WP, Fully agree with your post. Unfortunately, the GOP machine has taken extensive efforts to ensure that many CANNOT vote. It's water under the bridge at this point and will only be seen as pathetic whining if Obama loses. Voting is important and it is a RIGHT. Not a right only for those on the Right but for all.
    Oh did you nail down Mittens on so many positions? No way you would get him to say something so straightforward.
    And now, we wait...

    1. With Mittens, every position is a valid position. He's the living Kama Sutra of politicians. I just went for overall score to kinda psyche out what he really meant. Which is like trying to psyche out what your cat really meant. I figured we heard the real Mittens every time he went off at the Palm Beach fundraiser. Scary stuff.

      And you're right. Now we wait.

    2. Do you people even listen to yourselves?

      You want changing positions? How about on Guantanamo? How about whether Benghazi was a terrorist act or a video protest? How about why these cretins walked guns into Mexico to be used to murder Mexicans? How about the new vs old views on gay marriage? How about all of the people he supported then threw under the bus from his preacher to his grandmother?

      Any of that trouble you just a tad?

      This flip-flop business was nothing but projection.

  2. Susan, you should have started out: "Here's the straight skinny from the left". I mean....if you wanted to be fair. Actually, I'm surprised you're not offended by Obama's rhetoric that reduces women to nothing more than private parts. It's a ridiculous place to go. But, consider the source. Oblamo, at a recent rally said: "No, no, don't boo, VOTE. That's the best REVENGE". Revenge? Is that what this is all about? Now THAT IS SCARY STUFF. Mitt admits that 47% of Obama voters will not vote for him, no matter what. Mitt Romney is a man who donated his entire inheritance to charity. He's a man of public service. He has a record of creating jobs. He's given love without expectation throughout his life, being there for those who need it most. He is not turning his back on the principles that made this nation great. Oblamo, on the other hand wants to fundamentally change this country. He wants to add the United States of America to the list of fallen empires. Well, he's on the right path. We can't afford another 4 weeks of him, let alone 4 years. I don't have a horse in the race, so to speak. Now, if Mr. Obama does win this election, I will not whine and cry. I will hope and pray, as I still do believe in the good in all mankind. On the otherhand, if Romney wins, I am afraid of the vitriol that will come from the left. Because admit it, democrats are poor losers, of which Mr. Obama is the leader of the pack.


  3. That's funny, love the Kama Sutra comparison of Romney's changing positions. Yes, I early voted and I will canvass from 10AM-7PM today in Albuquerque, New Mexico to get others to vote! The truth is I am worried about Dems not showing up, I'm worried about the people who will be most devastated by a Romney Presidency not showing up. This is going to be a squeaker whoever wins. People should not underestimate the right wing enthusiasm for Obama's defeat. I'm sorry to be in a funk, but it feels like 2010 here...too much complacency, too little understanding about what is at stake...I'm also worried about voter suppression and voter machine fraud. Well, I will give it my all as I have been since March of this year. My Republican husband rarely complains anymore about my absences because he sees the end. Go Obama-Biden!

  4. WP - Liked the blog, and -no surprise here- reject most of of your conclusions. Unfortunately we will get to the point where there are too many people sheltered under your metaphorical umbrella and then what? We are not made of sugar; we can get wet now and again. BO might believe in civic responsibility but seems to draw the line at personal responsibility. Incidentially, I was happy to show my ID when I voted this morning...

    1. "We are not made of sugar..."

      I wish more people thought like you (and me). Raw numbers show we can't soak the rich long term, either. There will be tough times ahead whoever is in charge, and it's going to require a citizenry interested in taking care of itself. If there is any history lesson from nations around the world, it's that big government always fails 'the people' when the going gets tough.

      Both political parties are letting us down. Both are headed over the proverbial cliff travels at 80MPH, the other 100MPH.


    Writing this as I see all the networks project the WINNER!!!

    I know you feel the same way, WP. Congratulations!

  6. Stumbled onto your blog via your NYT post. What a difference a day makes, yes?