Monday, December 10, 2012

There's A Part Of Me That Wants To Say.........

Third night of Hanukkah - Chag Urim Same'ach!

Well, while we're dangling over the fiscal cliff, I was a bit busy blowing snow. Hard to believe just a few short days ago I was reveling in the humid heat of Delray Beach and last night there was a coat dripping water on the foyer tiles. It was so bad (how bad was it?) I broke out Steve's old L.L. Bean ski coat...the big yellow one that matches Daver's....because I needed a longer coat because I was getting soaked through to the skin every time I walked out the door in mine. Blowing snow in the wind really does require snow pants and I can't find mine. 
11 pm and still snowing

Last year, I started the snow blower once...and that was just to make sure it was running. Sunday, I blew out the driveway twice, shoveled the deck once, and made a last pass on the front walkway at 11:00 PM in hopes I could get out to walk her dogness in the morning. 

Alas, not to be. The plow buried the end of the drive and I had to fire up the snow blower to get through the curf so I could put the trash out. I was doing this at 5:45 AM, but not to worry; I wasn't the only one out there. 

Don't get me wrong; I'm not complaining. Snow blowing with that monster blower is a breeze. The driveway, which is a triple wide, took less than a half hour to clear. In fact, I walked the sucker across the street and did my neighbor's sidewalk in like 10 seconds. I figure it was easier the calling the ambulance since he looked like he was going to give himself the big one with the dinky blower he's got. It is such a zen experience and so relaxing that I would recommend it to anyone who wants to be one with a snowfall. That is if you can ignore that little tiny petrol smell and you remember to put your ear muffles on. 

And for a few minutes, you can concentrate on the simplicity of straight lines and NOT on the obstructionist politics continuing on in Washington. Or on the new building push in Israel. Or the riots in Cairo. Everything else just fades into the background when your only object is to move snow out of the way. 

And then, I get the paper and look at the headlines, and I just wanna shoot myself. Did we not just have an election where the electorate made it pretty clear that We, the People want Congress to cooperate and stop the obfuscation and obstinacy? Seems to me that even the minute polls on disgust level were pretty high in the 80-90% range. Were the congresspeople all lying drunk on the house floor when this was going on? Clearly, they weren't exactly paying attention.

No one party has the lock on stupidity, cupidity, and lividity; ownership here in on both sides of the aisle. Grow up, people. This is not junior high and we're not posturing about how to improve cafeteria lunches. You are playing with people's lives and livelihoods! And not for the benefit of We, the People, either. Right now, all I hear is how you need to get the deal done next week so you can go home for Christmas????????????? How about you need to get the deal done so millions of Americans can continue to pay their electricity bill AND their income taxes?

My childhood friend, Rhoda from North Bellmore, got it right in one when she posted on Facebook: 
"There's a part of me that wants to say to Obama - 
who gives a shit what they want?"

President Obama addressing Congress
We need to address the deficit. Simple things, like raising the Social Security cap, would stave off a number of disasters. Closing loopholes AND raising taxes on incomes over $250K would be an easy adjustment...but for the Norquistites who play into the hands of the greed monger. It's time to consider who is paying for the running of this country and making sure that the burden is shared equally across all economic strata. 

No, folks, this is not communism or socialism. This is social justice. This is making sure everyone pitches in according to their means. It's time to stop the bullshit and get down to business. 

Congress, if you cannot reach a deal by the first of the year, not only aren't you going home for Christmas or New Year's Eve, you are staying at your desks until you reach a deal, or We, the People will accept all your resignations on January 1st because clearly none of you are fit to represent us.

Wifely Person's Tip o'the Week
Getting more than 8"....of snow, that is?
Dig out about half-way through the storm, then again when it tapers off. 
It's just easier that way.


  1. Not to mention how US corporations and oil companies benefit from our wars -- so pay for 'em! (Now can you Minnesotaeans send a few clouds our way, we need the snow in New Mexico - the grandkids are coming from Chaska and they expect snow here!)

  2. TWP, your blogposts are the treat I look forward to as a reward for slogging through the "begging for bucks" emails and "save the [insert cause or animal] emails from orgs I somehow never get around to unsubscribing, as well as the "thanks for signing our petition" emails after I've signed them. (Online petitions that can be "signed" with the click of the mouse are the greatest thing since sliced bread, IMHO - but I'm sure OK's Rethug congressmen don't share my enthusiasm...). I'm also ever in awe of the way you so effortlessly weave mundane Real Life happenings with politics. Snow removal and the obstructionist Congress. Brilliant!

    When I lived in NE KS, I vowed for 25 years to tie a snow shovel to the front of the car and drive south until someone - anyone - said "What the heck is THAT?". Didn't get quite that far, but stores here only dust off their supply of snow shovels when the OKC weather gurus utter the "S" word...usually 3 days before the expected Big Event...when the storm system bringing it is still over Utah or Idaho. We just went through one as a matter of fact. Friday the entire town was stocking up for snow on Sunday. Never mind it would at most only be a "light dusting". Maybe. Such wusses I live among now.

    As for the plow dumping snow at the end of the drive after you cleared it, this was a common occurrence when I lived in Topeka, so I kept the City snow removal dept on speed dial. (I'd hear "It's HER again!" as the phone was handed to some unsuspecting underling who'd never been the object of my wrath - yet.) So members of Congress aren't the only ones asleep at the wheel when charged with serving the public. I suspect the ability to nap on duty is a pre-req for driving a snow plow, too. (-:

  3. I found your blog after your remarks reminding the OpEd Doestoyevsky-quoting writer that Jewish children were killed in Newtown during Hanukah, not just Christians. Thank you for bringing that up and for your thoughts on the fiscal cliff and the zen of snowblowing. I will read more and "favorite" you. Diane

    1. Thank you! I look forward to more comments!

  4. I enjoyed your blog. I read through some of your older posts and like your messages and style. I think you should join Twitter as it's an excellent way for more people to become aware of your blog. If you do decide to join, please send me a message @jesselynstoner so I can follow you and share your messages and posts.

  5. I too found your blog through your comments on the Ross Douthat piece on the Newtown shootings. I understand the point of your post but find it significantly diminished by the transposition of the key word "only", as shown by a direct cut and paste from your post.

    " this is the only Christmas spirit that could possibly matter now."
    and "only the Christmas spirit could possibly matter now."

    You completely change the meaning of the sentence and while your point about the victims being of a number of different faiths is correct, Douthat was not excluding based on faith but rather searching for what solace his religious tradition could provide. For someone who uses words and writes as well as you do, your transposition ultimately renders your point as misdirected and is unfortunate.

    Bob Larson

    1. Yes, there is a typo in my comment, but it did not change my response to Mr. Douthat's column. I stand by what I said in my comment, but regret the error the transposition of the word.