Sunday, March 31, 2013

Thank Goodness for 3-D

Went to see my first modern 3-D movie this weekend. I managed to sit through OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL (sans popcorn because it's still Passover) without falling asleep once. I think that was the function of the 3-D part, because without it, I would've been sound asleep after about 10 minutes. Truth is, it was boring. The newness of digital 3-D coupled with my not having seen 3-D anything since THIRTEEN GHOSTS back in the 60s (complete with cardboard specs) kept me watching. Honestly, I wasn't all that impressed back then, either. 

But back to OZ. Yes, the movie, like THE WIZARD OF OZ, opened in black and white, then changed to color once the Wizard landed in Oz. After that, it was the fancy-shmancy optical effects that kept the story going. Yes, they were cool. But no, it wasn't enough to carry the film. Very disappointing. 

More annoying, however, was the endless number of commercials before the previews even began. Endless, I tell you! Endless. The time in the paper was 6:40, but the film itself didn't begin until almost 7:30. I felt like a hostage. Is there no visual medium (except my ad-free blog) without a soda or a smart phone ad being thrust into our faces? I'm already paying $13.50 for the privilege of sitting in this less than pristine seat AND I'm still being inundated with ads? Puh-lease. (Only redeeming moment: new Star Trek trailer in 3-D. Count me in for that one!)

And while we're on the subject of things that annoy me, I have to add gun control legislation. Had our crack Congress actually moved quickly on the background check bill back before the recess, we would have it. It would've passed both houses because no sitting congressperson would want to go home and admit they didn't do something, anything about Newtown. Instead, they shelved it into the new year, porked it up, and now it's DOA. When the Senate comes back on April 8th, they will take up gun control again...but the assault weapons and high-capacity magazines ban is now off the table.

How is that serving the needs of America? So instead of taking a sane step toward closing at least some of the gun sale loopholes, we've opened the door to the lunatic fringe going to TV (and that specifically means you, Mr. La Pierre) saying that background checks are meant to take your guns away from you. HOW STUPID DO THEY THINK WE ARE??????? Obviously pretty stupid because it's working. 

Meanwhile, there's a quote going around being attributed to Rachel Maddow. I'm pretty sure it did not originate with her because I cannot find any reliable attribution to say that it did. No matter; whoever said it was brilliant:

There is something drastically wrong in America when the same political party that tries to take away voting rights, civil rights, human rights, religious rights, social rights and constitutional rights encourages people to take up arms in the fear that 'government' is taking away our rights.

That really sums it all up, doesn't it?  Personally, I am tired of the fear mongering bullshit. I am tired of the GOP telling me all about small government at the same time they want to invade bedrooms and vaginas. Their idea of small government means only the affluent get to benefit from its loophole ridden, tax-free sheltering programs supported on the backs of us shmucks who actually pay taxes.

Well, I pay taxes. Lots of them as a matter of fact, and while I admit to wincing, I will also tell you that I am happy to pay taxes in the US. This is my country. Taxes are my membership dues. I want to pay my fair share....and I expect everyone else to do the same. But if you expect me to sit complacently while others with far more income than me shelter their money off shore to avoid paying those dues, well, I say, "Move to the Caymans and have a nice life. We neither want nor need you here. After all, the rest of us are tired of paying YOUR share."

If there is going to be any revolt in this country, I hope to hell it's a tax one. Meanwhile, because I pay taxes, I remain firm in my belief that I get to have an opinion on the rest of this stuff. 

And on that note, "Chag Same'ch!" to those of us finishing out Passover, and "Happy Easter!" to those celebrating that holiday. As for the rest of you...have  good week!

The Wifely Person's Tip o'the Week
Now is the time to make you "OUT OF" list for Pesach 2014;
then, post it someplace you will actually see it when the time comes to shop!


  1. I do the opposite. I make a "don't need" list and put it on my calendar for next spring.

    1. Interesting...I would get confused and buy everything anyway! Chag same'ach!