Monday, June 3, 2013

Just When You Thought It Couldn't Get Any Stranger......

My personal all-time fave

Well, well, well, Madame Bachmann is calling it quits. Amazing. She announced her decision not to seek re-election at 2:30a.m. central time on May 29th while she was on fact finding mission in Russia (there is nothing you can say that hasn't already been said even more snarkily) ....and no, I don't think it was a 60th birthday offering to Steve(z"l). Nope, she's got her eye on a different prize...maybe on the other side of the capitol. 

I think she thinks Al Franken is a good target. I think this might not be a bad thing. "WHAT? "you say.  "ARE YOU NUTS?"

Mazel tov, Al and Franni!
Not in the least. If she is going to run for something other than animal control warden in the 6th district, let it be a senate seat. The GOP will never nominate her because she's a well established moron. They'll nominate some piece of white bread to stand there and pretend he's running. She'll get her like minded, little brain friends to put up for a true TeaBag nomination. That will split the GOP vote faster than Lincoln could split a rail...and Al and Franni go back to Washington where he does a fine job representing the sane side of Minnesota and she can show off grandbaby pictures.

Meanwhile, back on the tundra.....

Now that Madame isn't running, neither is Jim Graves. Seems he thinks that just not having her as congresswoman is enough and he no longer feels compelled to waste his money on a run in what is a traditionally very conservative district....even before the gerrymandering. The current speculation is that since a Republican is the likely winner in any race out there, the Dems aren't going to waste their $$$ in the 6th.

See that hump at the top of the 2nd?
That's us. 
The 2nd, however, may be another matter.  A big chunk of the suburban St. Paul area was part of the 5th, with Betty McCollum serving as our fearless leader in Congress. I like Betty. She has her head in the right place...on top of her shoulders instead of up her butt like so many of members of the House of Representatives. But that was a problem for the GOP who decided to gerrymander Minnesota. In an operation worthy of Dr. Frankenstein, little Mendota Heights was brutally severed from our delightfully urbane St. Paul 5th District and unceremoniously appended  onto the the rural 2nd where former career Marine John "I never had a thought that wasn't paid for" Kline is our representative. Semper Fi?  More like semper fi ad pecuniam vestibulum.

In all fairness, I've signed up for his emails and have even attended one of this "telephone town hall" meetings. Good Lord! That man can spend an entire hour talking and say absolutely nothing.  I sent him a query asking about his position on firearms background checks. In his boilerplate reply advising me to read Minnesota state law on the topic, the following sentenced also appeared: 
However, we must not legislate in haste after a tragedy; instead, we must take a thoughtful, comprehensive approach to addressing violence in our society. 

He never mentions what that might happen to be. Why would he? He has no idea.

Back in the last go 'round, the Dems ran Mike Obermuller...but he forgot to campaign in Mendota Heights. No one knew who he was, much less what he stood for. He had ZERO name recognition in our neighborhood. In fact, some people said they were horrified to hear Kline was running unopposed! It took me a dozen phone calls and emails to get a lawn sign. One might think.......

Now, they're talking about running him again. Oy. Better they should light the campaign war chest on fire and toast marshmallows over the flames. That would be a better use of the money. 

But wait, there's more!

Weird emails started showing up in the Wifely Person inbox.  I was a little taken aback. Okay...I laughed. I thought it was funny. The best of the lot said,  "If we formed a 'draft the Wifely Person' committee,' would you be interested in running against John Kline?"

Excuse me? 

No one has ever "drafted" me for anything more critical than lawn raking or garbage detail, although both might be useful skills in Congress. As my big brother astutely pointed out, politicians have to know when to keeps their mouths shut. If you read this blog, you know that's not my strong suit.

Still, it's very flattering to be asked by more than one person, and to the best of my knowledge, none of them are related to each other or to me.  For the record, the short answer to the above mentioned question is a resounding "Not Happening!"

I'll keep you posted. 

The Wifely Person's Tip o'the Week
Some days you just have to suck it up and mow the rice paddy in the back anyway. 
Wait too long, and you're gonna have to hire a thresher. 


  1. Michele is under FBI investigation, I feel bad for her. I don't know what her marriage is like but I feel like she deserves better. I love Michele, I think she's beautiful, she just has some personality disorders that she's not even aware of. What can I say, I'm attracted to her, I think she's beautiful, but she's really misdirected. I could overlook that and be in love with her anyway. Luv you Michele.

  2. Statements like: "...The GOP will never nominate her because she's a well established moron. They'll nominate some piece of white bread to stand there and pretend he's running. She'll get her like minded, little brain friends to put up for a true TeaBag nomination..." will generally not help you get elected -- whether or not they are true!!! Sorry to say your brother's advice was spot on.

    1. Did you hear me argue with that assessment?

    2. Hi Wifely,
      Maybe...just maybe...a little multipersonality re-disorder is ....well ... in order. You have the fire! And the discipline will come -- and that's presuming it even should. I'm not convinced. Never say never -- not altogether! :)
      A fan in Michigan,
      Kim Middleton

  3. Methinks Armand chooses candidates with the little head, not the big one.

  4. Whatever happened to members of Congress taking, then having to adhere to an 'Oath of Office' part of which includes protecting US citizens? Kline,Bachmann and a host of others sitting on their buttas in congress have violated their oath so many times they'll Never get to Heaven after all their lying! But alas, the Wealthy and their underlings don't care and the rest of Amercians are either too Cowardly,too Honorable or Too Fat and Happy to care! Personally, I think too many Americans are just to Cowardly to save this nation from itself!

  5. These are exciting times... spent all day printing up "WIFELY PERSON FOR PRESIDENT" bumper stickers... will be putting one on the old SUV just as soon as I peel off my "Hillary in 2008" banners.

    As we discussed, I submitted the 501(c)(4) app for our new "social welfare org." -- and the IRS is already questioning me on the true mission of the "Tea for Sue Party". I'll keep you posted.

  6. She has my vote just based on THE picture...and I hear she likes jammies....

    1. Swee'Pea in RioJune 7, 2013 at 5:38 PM

      Hey! There's a blog about that. I bet you are pajama guy! How does it feel to be world famous? You are, you know.

    2. I may be him...then again, I might not...
      But when in Rio, I recomend shortie jammies

  7. Love that picture! The never ending weird statements and odd antics of that woman. As a Minnesotan-at-heart (who happens to live somewhere else now), this is not the first or the last time Minnesota has perplexed me with who it elects. I say to Ms. Bachmann--good riddance!

  8. I liked your response to the Krugman article on Medicaid in the comments section of The Times.
    I write quite a bit on health care myself. Medicaid is not perfect but it is basically compassionate.

    Medicaid is hamstrung by depending on state approvals. The entire social history of America since the Civil War has featured the effort by the federal government to establish decent benefits for all.
    The Constitution is not perfect and here is one example.

    Bob Hertz, MN