Monday, January 13, 2014

Just When You Thought......

5 of the 7 Dombrow sibs
Johnny....not my dog.
Well, it seems I cannot manage to live in Minnesota without commenting further of the state of our weather for the last couple of weeks. Yes, it was very cold. No, we did not leave the witches nor the brass monkeys outside. Yes, dogs wear boots, too...although not my dog who refuses to wear boots and then whines about her cold feet. That said, we Minnesnowtans are a hearty breed, and this picture, taken last Monday speaks to that point. The air temperature was about -18°F with the windchill at about -35°F when Dombrow kids decided to play outside: Their mom was better prepared ...she was wearing a sweatshirt when she took the picture.

The last couple of days, however, were a wee bit was 41°F above on Sunday and I, along with every other person in the state, lined up at the local gas station car wash. I made good use of the time, though; I called my brother and laughed a lot. That made the interminable wait go much faster. 

And speaking of being stuck in your car on line that isn't really moving, back in the Garden State, Governor Christie seems to be having a bit wee bit o'trouble. Did he order the George Washington Bridge lane closures? I have no idea, nor do I really care. It was worthy of an elementary school playground and such an incredibly stupid thing to do, that it's hard to believe the clowns who thought this up thought they wouldn't get caught. "Hey, guys, we'll send it out to everyone via email and call it a lane study, but that'll be secret code and they'll never ever be able to trace it back to us." 

The day of the study

So here's the thing: Governor Christie might not have ordered the hit, but his cohorts did. There are some real interesting messages to the electorate in there. Hidden in secret code, of course. That only they'll get. Right?

  • First secret message: Our boss lets us do whatever we want. Loosely translated, this is the "he don't ask, we don't tell" method of staff management. The clowns running the office have carte blanche to take whatever they deem necessary to support their pol. The Governor really doesn't know because he don't wanna know.
  • Second secret message: I have no control over my staff. I'm too busy to manage them myself. If Governor Christie thinks he's busy now, what's he gonna do when he gets to the White House? Can America really elect a guy who says he takes responsibility for what his staff did with one side of his face, while admitting he had no idea what they were doing with the other side? Oh, okay, we've elected guys like that before, but you'd think with instant media and all, the Gov would get that he really does need eyes that work in the front AND the back of his head. 
  • Third secret message: You scratch my back and I'll make sure my staff scratches yours. Everyone knows every government runs on some form of baksheesh. Some of it is token, other forms are egregious. Governor Christie...or his staff...have left a big, giant electronic trail on this one. It's one thimg to sidle up to a mayor and whisper, "Get behind the Gov's plan to build a new stadium in East Bum, and he'll make sure West Bum gets a new park down by the old mill stream." Lavishing political access on a mayor by setting up meetings and full contact days...then cancelling without explanation the day after he says he cannot support the Gov's next bid for office is begging for an inquiry. Did Bridget Kelly actually think no one would put 2 and 2 together and get four? 
No matter what you think of Chris Christie and his bombastic get-it-done government, you have to wonder about the people with whom he surrounds himself. Folks, this is the same root group that will go to Washington with him. Do you really want to let them loose on an unsuspecting world? Consider what they might do to Angela Merkel. 

When We, the People, elect a president, we don't just elect the president, we sign on for the stuff that comes with him. We elect the staff he's gonna pick, the cabinet he's gonna pick, and in a sense, even his family. If Governor Christie can surround himself with a coterie of morally and ethically bankrupts kiddies running his office, then We, the People can just as easily say, "Thanks, but no thanks."

The bridge lane closures were amateur and stupid. On the other hand, some of the other stuff that's now surfacing is just plain devious in the worst sense of the word, and more Tammany Hall than anyone would ever want again. 

  • Fourth secret message: This is what the GOP at the grass root level really thinks of the rest of America.  Governor Romney's GOP had an image problem. No matter what anyone said about move that party to the center, that is not where it's going. It's going to be another four years of grease-my-palm-and-I'll-grease-yours kind of slick, back alley bazaar where everything is for sale and nothing is sacred.
Governor Christie's staff just confirmed it wasn't just the image. It was the real thing and it's here to stay. In other words, Governor Christie is probably toast.

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    1. We can only hope...but the media are so invested in Christie as the "not-crazy" Republican, I'm sure they'll fall back in line soon.

    2. I love Jimmy Fallon:

    3. Make that "Consider what they might TRY to do to Angela Merkel." Seriously, you've pointed out the real concern this incident raises in my mind about Chris Christie: his ability, or otherwise, to choose and preside over his government staff.

    4. Good analysis, Wifely Person. I liked the subtexts/secret messages you pulled out. I would love to think Christie is toast. Maybe more will come out in the inquiry and be the final carbonization of Christie's political aspirations.