Monday, July 28, 2014

Not Enough Dead Jews

A while back, a friend told me,
This is the real truth: Israel exists because an obscene number of Jews died and the ones who were left couldn't stay where they were. So they partitioned part of the Turkish empire called Palestine. It was the only way to stop what would've been an overwhelming wave of refugees who would not, could not assimilate into a Christian country.
I think he was right. No, actually, I know he was right. No country wanted the dregs of the Holocaust and driving them into the sea really wasn’t a viable option. There were 6,000,000 dead Jews already. More dead Jews would’ve been in exceptionally poor taste.

Felix Bonfils: Jews at the Wailing Wall c. 1880s
What do you do with the leftovers? Someone finally figured out the best thing to do was send them home. After all, Jews had never really left the land. Immigration had already started picking up back in 1878 and a new, working economy was beginning to take shape with the support of Jewish investment from all over the world. And if anyone so much as glanced at history, they would’ve noticed the only independent sovereign nation states that ever occupied that barren strip of sand were The First Kingdom (1000-586 BCE) and the Second Kingdom (538 BCE - 135 CE) and both were Jewish nation states. There had never been a Palestinian, Arab, or Muslim independent state on that land. In fact, until 1948, it has been conquered territory, a vassal satellite, a colony for the Babylonians, Persians, Hellenes, Romans, and ultimately the Ottoman Empire until the Brits took it over as The Mandate For Palestine in 1922.

In other words, this little strip of land has always been Jewish for more than 3000 years. Jews have always been there. Jerusalem is there. The Temple Mount is there. Jesus was there. So this really isn’t a debatable issue. If the Egyptians get to have Egypt, and the Syrians get to have Syria, and Babylonians and Assyrians get to have Iraq, why should Israel get special treatment and be denied residence in their own country…where Christians, Arabs, Druze, Baha’i, and Jews all get to be citizens with civil rights, voting rights, driving rights, and all the other rights regardless of religion? Why is that such a big deal? Sounds downright Western to me!

Meanwhile, in the rest of the Islamist world, Sunnis blow up Shi’ites with impunity. They destroy each other’s markets and mosques. They blow up their own co-religionists over a difference of interpretation. Children die by the hundreds. The noble rebels overthrowing the tyrant Assad have become the gangs of Syria, murdering and destroying anyone who does not go along with their brand of whatever. Where are the demonstrations in London for those dying Muslims?

Over in Iraq, my G-d! This borders on genocide on both sides. Now, ISIS, this new roving band of miscreants, are expelling and killing the Christians who have lived there since the birth of Christianity. The Yazidis and the Shabaks, two other religious sects, are also being targeted for expulsion and murder. Where are the crowds in Paris to decry the murder of Muslims and Christians alike?

As Libya falls victim to yet another round of sectarian violence, where are the crowds in Berkeley to protest the slaughter of those innocents?

But as soon as Israel fires back to put up a defense against the endless barrage of missiles meant to destroy Israel… knowing that what Hamas would do to Jews would make Hitler, Eichmann, and Goebbels look like amateur hour…the world cries FOUL!

Fighting back is an offense to all sorts of people, not just those in Paris and London.  The Muslims in London call Israel the aggressor…. I suppose they also think London brought the blitz on themselves. In Paris, they call Israel “war mongers.”… they don’t count the bodies on the buses, in the cafes, or at the hotels as human bodies just because these people were going about their daily business when they were blown to smithereens by homicide bombers. In Antwerp, they insist that Israel end control of the borders, allow all manner of free import.  And then what? Israel starts the state-run program for discount funerals?

Maybe this is because we’re losing the body count competition.  Maybe if more Hamas rockets landed on the schools of S’derot or on supermarkets or even happened to bring down a plane, there would be enough Jewish body bags to get their attention. Or maybe, the IDF should’ve left the tunnels alone so that Hamas could’ve staged their planned Rosh HaShannah massacre extravaGaza in order to demonstrate to the world that Hamas just wants to kill Jews. Kill? Try exterminate. It’s a better fit.

It took a lot of Jews marching into gas chambers to get the world to notice Hitler was serious about the final solution. How many body bags does Israel need to fill to get that same attention?

Not one single body bag. The world already knows.

The world is standing in silence while Muslims slaughter Muslims. You think they’re going to raise a finger to stop Hamas from killing Jews?

Guess again.

The Palestinians should have a state. Their own state. Not our state. They need to have a government more interested in their citizens than in bloodshed, in spending capital on infrastructure than on tunnels, and promoting education and economy instead of Iranian missiles to nowhere. When the people are more important than the rhetoric and there is a partner for economic growth and development, there will be peace.

Gaza sits on the same kind of land as Israel. There is not a reason on the planet that it should not be green, growing and healthy. Except one: Hamas.

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  1. Wifely Susan - you could not be more right. thanks for saying it.

  2. One of the best blogs I've read by you! Hamas finally accepting peace is like the dog that finally caught the car. What would they do with it?


  3. Your blog post hits the nail on the head. I am not Jewish, in fact I'm not religious at at all. I am not a fan of the right wing of Israel and I believe the policy of allowing settlements in the contested territories has aggravated the situation. But you are right about Hamas. They are murderous zealots akin to groups like ISIS, Boko Haram and Al-Qaeda extremists who tolerate nothing and no one who are not of like mind or religious sect. I hate the murder of innocents but I must admit that Israel was forced to defend itself because of the intransigent position of Hamas and that probably means the total destruction of Gaza because of Hamas' extremism. I don't know what the answer is to a lasting peace but I do know that Israel needs to do what it is doing or be a victim of genocide. The world is seeing perhaps the beginning of a World War as more and more nations collapse into total gangster politics.

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    1. Thanks! This is very interesting reading!