Monday, March 14, 2016

Three Attacks, No Waiting.

I'm not exactly sure what happened at Trump rallies this weekend, and what's more I don't think I really care all that much, but, something the Donald said at the Kansas City rally made my blood run cold:

Taken from a video shot at the Kansas City rally on March 12th:

I hope they arrest these people because they're really violating all of us, OK? And I hope they're arrested. I hope they're arrested, because honestly they should be...I hope you arrest these people, because I'll tell you, they deserve to be arrested. And some of them are very violent. But I'm going to ask that you arrest them. I'll file whatever charges you want. Who the hell knows… We're going to go strongly for your arrest. And I'm going to do this from now on. Let's ruin the rest of — they're going to ruin the rest of their lives. If they want to do this, let them have a big arrest mark… So I hope you arrest them and do whatever you have to do. And you know what, once that starts happening, we're not going to have any more protesters, folks. We're not going to have any more protesters."
Later, when heckled again, he said,

I hope these guys get thrown into a jail. They'll never do it again. It will destroy their record. They'll have to explain to mom and dad why they have a police record and why they can't get a job. And, you know what, I'm going to start pressing chargers against all these people, OK?

And then we won't have a problem and I don't want to do that. I don't want to ruin somebody's life. They are probably good kids. You know, they're probably good kids. I don't want to ruin people's lives. But the only way were going to stop this craziness is that we press charges.
And you know what? I'm going to start pressing charges against all these people, OK? ... The only way that we're going to stop this craziness is if we press charges. Because then their lives are going to be ruined.
The line that really got my attention was:
Once that starts happening, we're not going to have any more protesters, folks.
What exactly is he implying here? The man is not stupid; he understands English. And he understands, quite masterfully at that, how to manipulate a crowd. 

That kind of talk makes me remember these two quotes:
  1. ''The very first essential for success is a perpetually constant and regular employment of violence. 
  2. The art of leadership… consists in consolidating the attention of the people against a single adversary and taking care that nothing will split up that attention. 
[You get a prize if you can name the author and the source]

So, here are two tweets for your consideration.

  • Illustrating tweet #1:

Was there any indication, inclination, proof, or even a hint that this guy had ties to ISIS? No. There were none. This is a quintessential example of fear mongering coupled with an implication of violence, both on the side of the "maniac" as well as the Secret Service detail. 
  • Illustrating tweet #2:

Trump has accused Senator Sanders of masterminding the hecklers at his rallies. Really? There is a threat being made, and it is hardly veiled. No one can mistake the implicit warning when coupled with "Be careful Bernie." By throwing this schmutz at another candidate, he is instigating a particular response from his crowd. And he gets it. 

These tactics worked rather well in the 1930s for the guy who penned the two quotes. The real question is whether or not we are going to allow them...and repeat itself. Aren't you waiting for the uniforms to show up at the Trump rallies. I am. Blue shirts? Red shirts? Bown shirts? The color doesn't matter. The action and the demeanor does. And we've seen both in play. From the "voter promise" salute to the sucker punches, there is a clear direction for these actions. 

Being a US citizen means allowing someone to say something you abhor, you detest, you think unConstitutional or worse, unAmerican. Being a US citizen means you understand the  free speech. Donald J. Trump claims hecklers are inhibiting his right of free speech. He understands exactly how he's spinning his nonsense, and uses it to lie, manipulate, and provoke violence. He has taken more than a page from Hitler's play book. This has nothing to do with making America great, or bolstering the economy; Trump is about power. That's all. It's the "You're Fired" mentality on a grand scale. This, people, is a form of political terrorism. 

Speaking about the T-word, while the Donald was whipping up people into a frenzy about "the other," there was an "incident" in Milwaukee that got so little attention that it went almost unnoticed by most of the country. A man accosted a father and son while walking, and then executed the father. He then went into an apartment building where he knocked on a door, and killed a couple while their kids were hiding in the bathroom. The only thing these people had in common was that they were not American-born. The assassin was stopped by the cops, called by a relative of one of his victims. 
A 39-year-old Milwaukee man methodically shot and killed three of his neighbors at point-blank range last weekend at an apartment complex on the city's south side, according to a criminal complaint filed Thursday.
Dan J. Popp faces three counts of first-degree intentional homicide in the deaths of Jesus R. Manso-Perez, 40; Phia Vue, 36; and Mai K. Vue, 32. The victims were pronounced dead in their four-unit apartment building in the 3300 block of S. 92nd St. after the shooting was reported about 5:45 p.m. Sunday.                                              The Milwaukee Journel-Sentinel Online
Nowhere will you find the word "terrorist" mentioned. Had the shooter been Muslim killing Americans, TERRORIST would've been brandished across the headlines. But he was white. He gets a pass for hating/murdering foreigners. Gee, and he didn't even ask if they were citizens before he shot them. No, he executed them for their skin color, their accent, their ethnicity. And no one is calling him a terrorist. Can you say, "BROKEN," boys and girls?

Jeff King's Nash
And speaking of attacks, here's another one you may or may not have heard about. A drunk guy attacked two of the leading mushers at the Iditarod with a snowmachine (aka sled or snow mobile.) He repeatedly came at Aliy Zirkle and her dogs, injuring one, but she managed to get away.  Jeff King, however, was not so lucky. His sled was not hit, but one of his dogs, four-year old Nash, was killed, and several others were severely injured. Take a moment to listen to Jeff talk about the attacks. 

Aliy Zirkle
The driver of the snowmachine, Arnold Demoski, said he was blackout drunk, but that didn't stop him from turning around and doing it again, then going after a second racer. Yes, he turned himself in, but everyone already knew who it was since Mr. King had carried in a side panel from the snowmachine. According to the local constabulary, it was not difficult to figure out who owned the panel. It's a sparse county.

The relationship between mushers and the towns through which they pass is a sacred thing. This has rocked the town of Nulato to its core. In so small a place, there will be conversations and debates about what happened on the trail for years to come. Will there be any kind of resolution? Probably not; the story will become part of the folklore. Demoski may be a crazy person and an alcoholic, but he's not a terrorist. 

Both King and Zirkle have continued the race, which is a testament to the mushers and the sport itself. At this writing, Aliy Zirkle is running the 4th place, and Jeff King is in 13th. These are tough people to begin with. This just makes them that much tougher. From strength to strength. Really.

Wifely Person's Tip o'the Week

If you want to understand Hitler or Trump, go read Machiavelli:
 “Upon this a question arises: whether it be better to be loved than feared 
or feared than loved.”
Hitler and Trump have settled on the latter. Remember that. 


  1. Unfortunately murder is not uncommon these days. Which is more likely: a murder committed by an illegal immigrant or a murder committed by a US citizen of an immigrant because of their race? I'm guessing the former. Neither is acceptable, but how can a government do nothing about the former? It appears the justice system will deal with the case you mentioned. First degree murder deserves the death penalty.

    The Washington Times - Monday, March 14, 2016

    More than 100 illegal immigrants caught but released by the Obama administration over the last five years have gone on to be charged with murders after they were set free, according to a new report released Monday from the Center for Immigration Studies.

    In all, some 121 immigrants who were freed by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement between 2010 and 2014 have since been charged with a total of 135 homicide-related crimes. Another three immigrants were charged with murders in 2015, bringing to 124 the total number of murder suspects the government had, then released.

    Two of the immigrants in question had even been convicted of homicide before, but they were released anyway and went on to rack up new murder charges again, the report said. The others had amassed 464 total criminal charges, ranging from drugs to drunken driving, before they landed on the homicide list.

    The information was released to Congress by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and Jessica Vaughan at the Center for Immigration Studies analyzed the data and said it shows dangerous practices.

    1. 121 over 5 years - approx. 25/yr. Out of a 11 million undocumented immigrants. Or occurrence of less than 0.000003. I find it hard to believe undocumented status is correlative with crime.

  2. To anonymous:
    You might also want to see the raw numbers just for comparison. The statistics you cite are so miniscule that they are significantly lower than the general population of the US. But then again, you're only citing sliver of the story because to tell the whole thing would debunk your statements.