Monday, April 9, 2012

Dayenu! Part 2 - Enough is Enough

Well, all my plans for a controlled, scheduled, calm changeover to Passover went up in smoke..or rather no smoke last week. 

The installers arrived Wednesday  morning with a the new cooktop and in a matter or minutes determined that it wouldn't cover the hole in the counter. Now, all things being equal, if I had not given the sales dweeb the measurements of the hole AND the old cook top, I would have to hold myself responsible. But I did give him the exact measurement of the old cook top and said that the hole was within a half inch of that figure. I had looked underneath, and if you want to know, I was off by about quarter of an inch on the hole. It was a little smaller than my estimate. HOWEVER, the cook top that the sales dweeb assured me matched the measurements I provided wasn't even close. It was about 1.5" short on depth. What? He couldn't grok that 21.5 inches is MORE than 20"?????????

Well, there was a whole lotta upset here. The installer suggested I go over to Menards (a lumber store) to ask them the fabricate a piece of metal that I could use to "you know, cover the hole?" I DON'T THINK SO!!!!!!!!!

My sales dweeb was off that day, so we all talked to another guy. He eventually found me a cook top that would fill the hole. NOT five burner, NOT either of the two brands I wanted, BUT they had it in stock. Fine. Whatever.

I go to find a picture of the thing on line...and find out that Lowe's has it in stock for over $200 less. I call the place up and talk to this sales dweeb and he gives me attitude even though the local Lowe's has it in stock. Said I, "You're not getting this, are you?"  He assured me he was. And I reassured him he wasn't. "For that last 30 years, and you can check your records on this one, I've bought every major appliance from Warner Stellian. I have trusted you to stand behind your products and you have never let me down. And you want to screw up a 30 year relationship over a cook top???????????????? You can be the subject of my blog next week....and let me assure you, a lot of people read my blog. Just put 'wifely person' in a Google search box and see what happens."

There was the sound of little fingers on keyboard. Then a brief silence. Then he honored the Lowe's price and said the installers would be back on Friday morning. 

Well, the Frigidaire is only four burners but it has a continuous grate. Oddly, it's a little tighter than my old Jenn-Aire, but I'll figure it out. If I have one complaint, it's that the edges of the knobs are really sharp and I've cut a couple of fingers whilst wiping around...but that can be "adjusted" ...or so junior son tells me. I really like the turbo-burner; it does seem to boil water faster. 

As for Passover: we're in the middle of it now. Let's just all agree this is not my best time of year. For starters, I keep going over the events from three years ago. It's like the clock starts all over again when we start to count the omer. What used to be fun is now a chore, and what was once a chore is now the bottom of drudgery. It's as if the light has been sucked from the room and the Dementors are waiting outside to take the joy with it. I know this is dumb, but I also hear it's kinda  normal so we'll just take it at face value and nothing more.

At the second seder, our host asked us if we (as individuals) are still wandering in a desert. Until he said that, I never realized how close that comes to how I feel. It is what it is and I'll move through it like I've moved through everything else. 

Meanwhile, back at the political ranch, I would like nothing more than to stick my head in the sand until November 6th. I am nauseated at the notion that the super-pac ads are starting. This whole process is pretty much making me want to barf. I don't even want to talk about it anymore...but I know I will. 

Wifely Person's tip o'the week
Sometimes we have to do what we know is right...even when it hurts. 

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