Monday, October 29, 2012

Scariest Day: Halloween or Election Day

It was kinda fun Sunday morning, watching GOP pundits explaining Mitt Romney's latest shell game. Watching Carly Fiorina defending her political idol was like watching a spinning class: the wheels are going around furiously but nobody is getting anywhere. One of the outstanding moments came when Ms. Fiorina said:

But-- but I think if-- if you-- if you want to talk about being factually accurate, it is factually inaccurate to say that Governor Romney was against the rescue of the auto industry. If you read his entire op-ed, you guys are journalists I assume you believe that words are important. ….. And what he says in that op-ed is that he believed that the government should have provided financial guarantees. The difference between Governor Romney’s approach and President Obama’s approach is who gets to stand first in line to get paid off.
Rachel Maddow’s response was spot on:
What-- what government-- what government-- what government?”

That happens to be an excellent question. Not a single bank or financial institution was in a position to "bail out" anyone, much less the behemoth auto industry. And had the auto industry had gone under, would anyone like to venture guess as to what the unemployment figures would look like today? 

Scary stuff, no?

Maybe it’s not so accidental that election day follows closely on the heels of Halloween. Last year, I wrote what I thought was a mildly funny blog entry  on who the candidates should be for Halloween and the thing took off like  rocket. I got a ton of mail on it.  I just went back and looked at it again for reference. 

Okay. Romney could as the scarecrow from Wizard of Oz. However, the constant changing of positions has taken on a new   aura during this last hurrah hurricane. Makes him seem more Gene know what I mean. A little fancy footwork ... Swinging in the Rain?

Since no one seems to remember Rudy Kazootie, Ryan should go as Alfred E. Newman. "What? Me worry?" is perfect for Mr. Ryan. He doesn't worry about anything; not the country, not the tax revenue stream, and  certainly not the health of this nation's natural resources.

As much as I really do like Joe Biden, he  just has the smile of The Mask. It's so big and so wide across his face that no matter how infectious his laugh, all he needs is a little green pancake and he could out do Jim Carrey. But he would be a nice Mask:. "Non-smokin'!"

Last, but certainly not least, President Obama needs  little levity. We got a glimpse of it with the horse and bayonet remark, but he need to do something....while still preserving parity. Going as Martin Luther King or Malcolm X just doesn't set the right tone. No. POTUS needs to go as Fred Armisen. Yeah. Go as a white guy who plays a black guy. That would be perfect.

As for the rest of us, the campaign regalia says it all. Wear a ROMNEY RYAN hat or t-shirt and go as an outsourced job. After all, his stuff is made where the labor is cheap and the profits are plentiful: China.

At the the Obama campaign had the great good sense to make sure their product not only says MADE IN USA, but carries a Worker's United label as well.

The Wifely Person's Tip o'the Week
If you happened to have been married on 
November 3rd, 1943,
this Shabbos could be your 69th wedding anniversary


  1. Happy Anniversary Sid and Helen. God Bless. Well as bad as it is in the Tri-State area, no politics and just good government from Barack Obama, helping all those states.

    Thanks Mr. President


  2. Hi Wifely Person, I'm so glad I followed the links from you NYT comments! Your blog is insightful, funny and delightful(ooops, I think these are the lyrics to a song!)



  3. The Alfred E Newman photo is a hoot. It's the perfect depiction of Paul Ryan.

    As for your parents (I presume they're the ones celebrating their 69th)... what office are they running for? I'd sure like to vote for them -- they look so honest!!!

  4. Paul Ryan as Alfred E. Newman? Close, but not as close as Eddie Munster! Ryan wouldn't even need a costume. (in fact, I googled Eddie Munster images to try to paste one here; I got to view images from childhood TV along with images of Ryan- I guess I'm not the first to make the connection.)

    I enjoy your blog, thanks,

    Doug Malcolm

    1. Thank you, Mr. Malcolm!

      Yes, the Eddie Munster resemblence is startling, but I was going for the overall experience.

      And I still think he looks like Rudy Kazootie!