Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Four Years In the Blog-o-sphere...and still chugging along

Saturday just happened to be July 19th. Now, I’m sure most of you have no idea why July 19th is important because in truth, it is not one of those giants amongst days….like, say, May 29th…with that great trifecta- the fall of Constantinople in 1453, the birth of JFK in 1917, and the arrival of Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay on the summit of Mount Everest in 1953. But like that date, this one has personal significance for me.

My very first blog entry appeared on July 19th, 2010. That means I’ve been doing this every week for four years. That means I’ve since then, I’ve written 208 episodes making this one 209. For someone who thought she had nothing to say, 208 episodes at approximately 850 words per is a whole lotta words.

On my first anniversary in the blog-o-sphere, I wrote about what I’d learned in that first year. Not much has changed. I find the same issues going round and round, but what has changed is the expanse of my fact-checking ritual. I figure if one was going to talk about the biggest/best thing I've learned in doing this it would have to be that there is no excuse for not doing my homework. If I quote, I cite the source and provide a link wherever possible. I find I cannot abide bloggers/posters/op ed writers who do not vet their sources to back up their facts. You can opine into next week for all I care, but make sure what you present as facts are just that.

It's also an excruciating exercise in temper control. One blog in particular stands out as the most incendiary yet clearly not-read episode. Which only lends credence to the idea that a whole lotta people only read one sentence per graph and then draw their own conclusions, right or wrong. It takes a long, cold glass of seltzer to get my blood pressure down enough to prevent me from responding with nasty-grams. You know...the whole discretion is the better part of valor thing. I think I'm getting better at that part. Or not. 

And as dreadful as it might sound, having this blog has been a tremendously freeing experience. I get to write whatever the hell I want to write. I get to say what I want to say and I have been taken to task for some statements. That's okay. I figure if people take the time to write, then I should at least read what they have. 

And course, there was lesson number 10:

   Always include something to embarrass your children. A blog isn’t nearly as much fun to write if your kids aren’t rolling their eyes after you write it. You don’t even need to mention names or even personal details; all you have to do is express an opinion. That’s usually more than enough to send at least one of them over the edge.

After four years, I’m pretty sure a mother with an opinion is embarrassing enough without having to mention said mother has a blog AND a pretty stalwart world-wide readership these days. Since neither guy is terribly interested in what said mother has to say on any topic, they are pretty much in agreement that the world is a pretty crazy place….especially if people are voluntarily reading whatever it is said mother has to say on any given topic on any given week. Good thing I'm not required reading around here.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I am loath to remind you all that we are entering the dreaded election cycle. I, for one, am wondering what I'm gonna do with Mmes Bachmann and Palin for comic relief. I have to find some new candidates on which to pick. Do let me know if you have any suggestions. 

So as we kick off Season 5, onward and upward. Let the wild rumpus begin!  (Apologies to Maurice "Vilde Chaya " Sendak for borrowing his line!)

The Wifely Person's Tip o'the Week
The best root beer float is made with A&W and coffee ice cream.


  1. Congrats and thank you for the heads up on the float!

  2. Wow! Not only do I get to read all those words you compose each Monday but I also get to listen to them on the phone at least once a week... what a commitment!!! (And I'm not even one of your kids.)

    Love & Congrats,

  3. See? I told ya so! :) Here's to the coming year's blog posts!