Monday, September 21, 2015

Culling the Herd

Wednesday is Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, the holiest day on the Jewish calendar....and exactly one year since FIL left the building. I still marvel that he managed to do it on Yom Kippur, a kind of karmic bookend to his life, especially the last decade under our very Jewish roof. But he did, so tomorrow morning I will head over to Fort Snelling for the first time since we buried his ashes to put a small rock on his head stone, and out to Sons of Jacob to talk to Ziggy. Kever avot....visiting the graves....a quiet way to end a very eventful year.

Meanwhile, with this cancer thing going on, I may not be under total house arrest, but my oncologists say I'm supposed to be going easy on myself, sleeping more, walking more, having a little bit of fun, and getting my strength back after two major front-to-front surgeries...all in preparation for getting irradiated which I hear is going to make me really tired. Still, I'm so disappointed I'm not going to glow in the dark. I was hoping to do magic tricks for Little Miss. Oh, well.

To keep myself amused when not in shul (this is, after all, the height of Jewish holiday season) I try to think up ways not to yell at the television. That is really hard. Between The Donald and Dr. Ben "I Missed School The Day They Taught The Bill Of Rights" Carson, it's damn hard to contain myself. 

More than any of the other members of the Clowns Cavalcade, these two represent the absolute worst of American thinking. I don't mean worst as in stupid, unintelligent, or even backward. I mean the worst that America has to offer: racist and ugly. Trump is a side show. (Once upon a time, even Michele "I'm Too Stupid To Live" Bachmann had good poll numbers.) Trump and Carson are small-minded bigots. They stand for everything the Founding Fathers fought against: oligarchs, religious wing nuts, and governmental morons. Disgust is too kind a word to use when describing my response to their rhetoric. 

On the other hand, however, little gift to cheer us in this our hour of intellectual need, two of the smaller black holes have left the galaxy: Rick Perry and Scott Walker. How did We, the People, get so lucky? Those two wormhole-riddled brains at the bottom on the intelligent-life barrel figured out they don't have a chance against the likes of super-morons like Trump and Carson. Hard to believe that they're just not stupid enough.

I don't call these guys stupid blithely; they earned it. All four of them have made some pretty egregious pronouncements, the kind normal people with brain function just don't make. 
  1. Scott Walker's analysis of why his term as governor is so successful is a fine starting point. According to FORBES, slightly socialist Minnesota is the 9th best place to do business while Wisconsin is 32. Can you say delusional, boys and girls?
  2. Rick "I'm Not A Scientist" Perry maintains scientists manipulate numbers for the grant money, and that he's not so sure climate change is man-made. 
  3. Dr. Ben "We Don't Need No Stinking Bill of Rights" Carson believes there is a litmus test for POTUS and not the usual abortion one. His has to do with whether or not one's religion is compatible with the Constitution. 
  4. Donald "I'm Going To Look Into Things" Trump apparently thinks POTUS is a despot who can do whatever he/she wants. His presidency will be set up with him as the host/deal-maker and Congress be damned. I wonder how long We, the People are gonna put up with that? Meanwhile, I wanna know what things he's looking at. 

Now, Carly "Let Me Explain In My Kindergarten Teacher Voice, Boys and Girls" Fiorina has had a bump in her polling numbers, but I suspect that's about the Carson/Trump implosion. At some point, her inability to actually run a company anywhere but into the ground will be an issue with the CorpoClown Brigade. Besides, the Planned Parenthood screed was one lie piled on another. She is a traitor to anyone with a uterus. Thankfully, she will not last. The GOP doesn't like things that bleed....and then refuse to die. 

Bush sounds reasonable by comparison, but then you remember who the brother is and there's a really good reason not to vote for him. He's flagging, as is Christie. Jindal will be gone within a fortnight, Pataki just hasn't fallen over yet. Graham and Gilmore have already disappeared. Kasich might hang on for a while, but he's not tracking. The rest will just fade away. What a glorified waste of money. 

You would think with all that money, they could find someone smart to run for POTUS. Ha! Not happening!

The Wifely Person's Tip o'the Week
If you live too far to go to the cemetery for kever avot,
take a quiet moment to remember those who have come before you 
and are gone. Remember their smiles, remember a story, 
remember when you last held a hand. 
When you remember, even for a moment, they live again. 

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