Monday, January 11, 2016

Truth, Justice, and the American Way of Not Thinking

I'd been  harboring hopes, I am almost ashamed to admit, that when one year turned into another and the first primaries were about to happen, the Clown Cavalcade would round up the wagon to begin talking sensibly. Not so, Kemosabe. In fact, the rhetoric has gotten worse. There is something so disheartening about that. 

So, let's go back to birther business: one might think turnabout would be fair play, but there are no Democrats holding up birth certificates in this one. No, Republicans are holding up Mama Cruz's birth certificate at the same time they point out that very same Mama Cruz was counted in the Canadian poll count. Now, if you even do the most basic homework, you know that the Canadian poll count is kinda like a census; it counts age-eligible potential voters, it does not mean you a) get to vote, b) give up your citizenship if you're a citizen of another country or even c) you get to be Prime Minister. No, it's just means you are a person of a certain age and therefore may be eligible to vote if you meet all the other criteria. For pity's sake, folks, the woman was born in Delaware, the first state admitted to the Union on December 7th, 1787...the FIRST STATE, people. Mama Cruz is definitely an American citizen. Her son, however, was born in a foreign country and happens to have had two citizenships, Canada and the US. 

Of course, that didn't stop Ted Cruz's fire'n'brimstone spewing pastor Dad from demanding Barack Obama "go back to Kenya" even though POTUS's mother Stanley Ann Dunham, POTUS's mother, was born in Wichita, Kansas...Kansas, admitted to the Union on January 29th, 1861 and her son was born in Hawaii, admitted to the Union on August 21, 1959 two full years before Barack Obama was born there. POTUS was born in an actual state, not a province, so if we're gonna have a "who's-more-a-citizen-of-these-here-United-States contest, someone has a definite leg up just cuz he was born here....and it ain't Señor Cruz. 

Does anyone know exactly what means, "natural born citizen?' Does that mean it was a vaginal birth as opposed to Caesarean section? Or birth without drugs? Or do they have something else in mind altogether? Like citizenship is automatically bestowed... because his mother was a citizen of these here United States even though he was born in another country????? Really people; make up your collective pea-sized minds!

And for a guy who claims he's the poster child for fiscal responsibility, Cruz keeps talking about carpet bombing Syria. He's threatening the entire region. And he's going to use our kids and our money to do it. Ask him how he's paying for this little misadventure. If you think the 2% are going to contribute, guess again. It's gonna come right outta the paychecks of the working classes. This is at the same time he's defunding the ACA without any offer of an alternative, leaving millions without access to health insurance. 

Not to be left out, the Donald has his own issues. According to the Huffington Post, Herr Trump has received the coveted endorsement of the American Freedom Party. If you are unfamiliar with their True American Platform, you might want to check them out. After all, they have dialed over 200,000 robo-calls in Iowa on Herr Trump's behalf. Listen to the call; this is the voice of the New America...according to supporters of the Donald. These guys are the direct descendants, and proud ones, at that, of the Brown Shirts. And they have every intention of promoting that cause through the Donald. He has other endorsements as well, ones worth noting include: Dennis Rodman (yeah, he's still around,) Mike Tyson, Stephen Baldwin, Gary Busey, Ted Nugent, Tila Tequila, Wayne Newton (yeah, he's a walking testament to plastic surgery...and is still around,) Hulk Hogan, Charlie Sheen, Mike Ditka, some guy from Duck Dynasty, and, I am so sorry to say, Jesse, The Governator, Ventura. This is a veritable brain trust....between them I have to trust they compose a single brain. Not a real high functioning one, mind you, but a brain nonetheless. 

Which makes me wonder why the general membership of the GOP doesn't rise up and protest. Do they really want one of these clowns negotiating for anything more than what one is served for breakfast? 

If this was an isolated case of mass stupidity, I might be able to better look past it toward some kind of sensible reality. But it's not. The absurdity is ongoing...relentlessly so... think about Planned Parenthood for a moment. Federal funds cannot be used to perform abortions, so that's a non-issue. When the GOP Clown Cavalcade talks about defunding Planned Parenthood, they're really talking about defunding breast cancer screening, STD screening, annual physicals, pre-natal services, and post-natal services, all stuff the GOP should be supporting if they were supporting the preservation of families. But they're not. 

In the same vein, the GOP is against gun control of any kind. Doesn't matter that the laws are already on the books and the President's executive order only requires the laws be enforced; to the GOP, it's an infringement on the right to bear AK-47s.  It has nothing to do with sane gun laws; it's about how big a dick you don't have. Good grief, people; if you have to license and insure your toy drone, don't you think you should license and insure a gun? Guys if you have to sling a semi-automatics over your shoulder to feel safe while walking through a store, you don't need ammo; you need testicles. 

Do you know about the gas leak in Porter Ranch, California? Bigger than the BP debacle in the Gulf....and no one has a clue how to stop the stuff from spewing into the atmosphere. Southern California Gas seemed to think it was okay not to have a contingency plan for emergencies. We don't need no stinkin' rules or government regulations. Sure, GOP, we need less government oversight.

I could go on forever, but I won't. I'm too tired to keep writing about this stuff. It's so depressing. Guys like Trump and Cruz want to defund everything.....and then what?

We, the People, get the government we elect, and we elect the government we deserve. 

The Wifely Person's Tip o'the Day....
for Viking Blair Walsh
When you score all your team's  points in the game 
then you miss the last field goal,
the correct response is not 
"It's all my fault we lost the big game," 
the correct response is, "I'm truly sorry I missed the field goal, 
but was I the only one on the field today?"


  1. You can always go live in Israel.that's a safe place. I have actually been thinking about it. This country is too messed up.Dina

  2. Love your wit!! Looks like spellcheck messed up for you. "round up the wagon to being talking sensibly." (begin?); and "But their not" (they're?). Doug Knabe, Dallas. (I try not to have an online profile).

    1. Thank you! Corrections made! Always happy to hear when someone not just notices, but _tells_ me, too!

  3. Here's a thoughtful opinion piece by Laurence Tribe, Harvard Law School:

    Under Ted Cruz’s own logic, he’s ineligible for the White House