Monday, March 12, 2018

Feckless. Spineless. Brainless. The List Is Endless.

If you thought our feckless, spineless, brainless, philandering, misogynist-in-chief was going to stick by what he said about raising the age to buy an automatic weapon, you're stupider than you initially thought you were. 

This monster was bought and paid for by lobbies like the NRA who don't give a flying shit about you, the land, the water, the air, the whole stinkin' country....not even the kids. How truly demented is that? 

Saturday, March 10th, while talking about the opioid crisis, he tells his sycophant followers:
We can't just keep setting up blue-ribbon committees with your wife and your wife and your husband and they meet and they have a meal and they talk. Talk, talk, talk...That's what I got in Washington. I got all these blue-ribbon committees. Everybody wants to be on a blue-ribbon committee.
DeVos on 60 Minute

So what does that fuckwad do?  He sets up a blue ribbon panel on gun violence in school, headed up by the chief-know-nothing, Betsy "I never met a kickback I didn't love" DeVos to head it up. Oh, she's a total bundle of bright. I won't even quote her here. Just read the 
transcript. If that doesn't make you vomit, you've got a cast-iron stomach. She admitted to never visiting an under-performing school. Her take on why she seems to be the most hated member of the cabinet? 
"I'm not so sure exactly how that happened. But I think there are a lot of really powerful forces allied against change."
She thinks this is about resistance to change? This the woman who said in that interview 
Well, we should be funding and investing in students, not in school — school buildings, not in institutions, not in systems.
I think she forgot about the part where the kids are actually in the buildings. How is the air on her planet?  

Meanwhile....back at the ranch......

Feckless is NOT the first president to attempt to negotiate with the Democratic People's Republic of Korea; he is the third. And there is a reason there is no agreement between the US and the DPRK.

President Clinton was invited to visit North Korea, and went as far as to have an Agreed Framework for his negotiations. His team negotiated the closing of Yongbyon Nuclear Power plant in exchange for assistance with a light water energy planet, oil shipments, and phasing out economic sanctions. Both sides complied by the Framework until 1996, when Congress started delaying funding for oil shipments and reneged on the assistance with the new power plant. Talks were happening to arrange a visit in 2000, before Clinton left office, but President Clinton took the position that we would not go until both sides were prepared to negotiate. That never happened, and by 2003, the agreement was trashed.

Bush II participated in the 6-Party Talks (United States, South and North Korea, China, Russia, and Japan) in August of 2003. Bush II's policy of "dismantle first, talk later," caused the talks to sputter until 2009 when they, too, fell apart. During that time, Korea was their nuclear arsenal and beginning to test missiles for warheads. It's worth mentioning that North Korea had a successful nuclear missile test in the middle of the 6-Party Talks.

Although Obama hinted at the possibilities of negotiations in his inaugural address, nothing happened until the Leap Day Agreement of February 29th, 2012. It looked like talks were going to happen...until North Korea had a failed missile test three weeks later. 

So when Cadet Bonespurs brags about getting an invitation, he gave away the farm when he just snapped his acceptance. He can talk about pre-conditions or whatever, but he said yes, and he put Kim Jung-un in the power chair. Meanwhile, Kim Jun-un has said "no preconditions" for this meeting. Nor, at this writing, have they responded to Cadet Bonespurs' acceptance. 

I don't think we have to wonder about who is running this particular show. 

Kim Jung-un enjoying a parade
Consider this, the US currently has no ambassador for South Korea, no special envoy for North Korea, no diplomatic team in place to guide him through the protocols and pitfalls of negotiations with a dictator...and if you ask me, it sounds like the jackass is heading to Asia for a class in Dictatorship 101. After all, isn't that what Kim Jung-Un is, and what China's President Xi Jinping is about to become? 

And guess what? He's gonna have one of them nifty military parades on Veterans's Day, November 11th, 2018 just to prove to his new friends how small his penis really is!   After all, he's already been told, "No tanks!"

One might recall the last time we had a military parade in the United States....1991 celebrating the "victory" in the First Gulf War. We all know how that one turned out.

And you thought he was gonna actually do something about guns. 

The Wifely Person's Tip o'the Week
Once, we were slaves in Egypt. Now we are free.
But that does not excuse us from turning the house inside out
getting ready for Pesach.


  1. Never thought that for a minute. The man loves chaos; he even said so himself. And who better at creating that chaos? Things will be getting worse, now that he's fired Tillerson and put lap-dog Pompeo in Tillerson's place. (Putin ain't gonna like that, neither.) Love your Tip of the Week. Is beagle hair chometz?

    1. Check with Perdie, the maven on all things Pesadik. It may be that beagle hair is kitniot and therefore permissible.