Monday, November 6, 2017

Guns and Whores

Before you read anything else, I want you to watch this entire piece from the New York Times. Once you've seen in, you will better understand what I am about to say.

Watch the whole thing. With the sound. Then consider this statement from our sitting president:
To have found the shooter so quickly after the first shots were fired is something for which we will always be thankful and grateful.                                                                                                       on Las Vegas mass murder, 02OCT2017
Now that you've watched the video, still think that was so quickly? 59 killed, 241 injured.

I want to make this very clear: gun violence is absolutely, without question, a mental health issue. Specifically, it is a mental health issue for Feckless Leader and his cadre of Congressclowns. 

No one in their right frickin' mind would have the gall to tell We, the People...and by extension the world, that the murder of 26 people worshipping in a Sutherland Springs, Texas church is not a gun issue:
Mental health is your problem here. This was a very, based on preliminary reports, a very deranged individual, a lot of problems over a long period of time. We have a lot of mental health problems in our country, as do other countries. But this isn't a guns situation.                                                                                                                    Feckless from Japan - 06NOV2017
 Take a moment to visit this website: MASS SHOOTING TRACKER. Lots of opportunity there to drill down into the data to get an overview of mass shootings in the US. 

Did you know there was a mass shooting in Plano, Texas on September 10th, 2017? 9 people were murdered at a football-watching party. The guy was angry his wife was filing for divorce. So he killed her and 8 of their friends.

This is not about the right to bear arms. NO ONE IS TAKING AWAY YOUR HUNTING RIFLE OR PERSONAL HANDGUN. This is about people collecting militia-sized arsenals. This is about owning a semi-automatic weapon for fun. This is about NOT regulating what is available for sale. 

And don't give me the black-market bullshit. 

This is about the availability of mass firepower. If you have mass firepower, wanna tell the rest of us why? Are the neighbors coming to get you? If you have an arsenal, maybe they should.

But for our elected leaders to continue insisting THIS IS NOT A GUN OWNERSHIP ISSUE is proof positive they are they are nothing more than cowardly whores. And I do mean they are for sale. Wanna see for how much? 

Screw "fixing" the tax system so that the middle class gets royally screwed, where, unlike our congressclowns, we're not getting paid for the pleasure. Screw the environment when there's a frickin' nickel to be made off the rape of the land. Screw selling our natural treasures to the highest bidder who's gonna rename Yosemite National Park "Wells Fargo Casino and Resort." Screw our kids' chances at an education by selling the public schools to a for-profit consortium that will "reduce" waste by closing schools desperately in need. And screw health care for We, the People. 

You need a license to drive a car. You need insurance to own one. You need a license to hunt and fish. How hard is this to do for guns? We have the model. We know it works in all 50 states. 

None of this matters as long as we have a government that subsidizes mass murder by remaining silent. Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Pink, Plaid, or Polka Dots....if you don't get up off your ass and start telling your personal congressclown this is NOT okay, then you deserve to be in attendance at the next Las Vegas event, or be sitting in a pew in your local synagogue, church, or mosque. If you choose to remain silent, you have given up your chance to be safe in public. 

For the record, here are the top 17 mass shootings in the US since the Carillon sniper shootings at the University of  Texas in 1966. These guys were not all Islamic terrorists. They were not all Muslims yelling "Allah Akbar." 30% were identified as Islamic terrorists... which means 70% were guys with mental health issues who were shooting up gathering places:
These figures are for shootings only

Nah, we don't have a gun problem. Only a mental health problem. 

Yeah, every one one of those shooters had "issues," but those issues only point up how ignorant, stupid, lazy, cheap, and prostitutional our elected officials really are. They sell themselves for cheap to the gun lobby. In the end, they are holding the smoking AR-15s in their gun-residue-covered hands. 

The Wifely Person's Tip o'the Week

If you don't stand up to be counted on this issue, 
if you let the clowns in congress get away without tackling sensible gun laws, 
then you own a piece of this, too. 


  1. Because everyone knows what can be done doesn't mean it will be done.It's all politics.This is all about irrational fear and money.Check out how much money Congress gets from the NRA, even Schumer. Granted the guns used to do these shootings should be outlawed, but they won't be. There will be another shooting and everyone will say.Something must be done." Even the Muslim terrorist has some sort of mental problem.No one kills other human beings without having a mental problem.Mental health is what needs to be improved, but trump just cut funds to mental health. It's a no win situation unless the republicans are voted out of office and then I am not sure anything will change.

  2. The mental health problem we have is a lack of will on behalf of political leadership to use common sense - that seems to be the one mental illness that doesn’t cross national borders. If the issue were any other mental illness, some other country would also have it. Then again, maybe they have better healthcare.

    Your list is not complete - see above URL. You left off Columbine among the infamous events.
    If you were to ask a random person how many mass shooting in the US in the last 50 years where ten or more people were killed by the gunman, would you expect the answer to be 20? From news reporting one might think much higher.

    Also note that #3 & #6 were with handguns

    1. My error...I omitted Columbine from the list when I did it by hand. It will be amended this evening.